Wool and Cashmere Comb

Tartan Scarf Co.

If like us, you end up wearing your tartan scarf every single day, you may experience some bobbling after a while. Bobbling in wool & cashmere products is perfectly normal and is caused by friction that creates surface tangles in the wool fibres.

We want our products to last a lifetime so we introduced these combs to help you take care of your scarf and prevent it from ending up in landfill. After all, our sheep put a lot of effort into that scarf.

This comb is perfect for reviving your tartan scarf and can be used to extend the life of any other wool or cashmere garment. To remove bobbles, lay the garment flat, hold it taut and gently comb over the affected area.

Shipping included.

Made in Scotland

All our products are made at a mill in the Scottish Highlands with over 200 years' weaving experience.

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We use zero plastic in our packaging and all of our packaging is reusable or recyclable.

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We love wool

We’re passionate about wool and are proud partners of The Campaign for Wool.

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