There is a very special story behind our latest tartan scarf: the Thomas Boyd.

Our friend Ross and his fiancé Alex asked us to create a unique design for their wedding day in memory of Ross’s father who sadly passed away when Ross was very young.

We got to work with Ross and Alex to design a new scarf based on the Stewart of Appin tartan - being the tartan that Ross’s father used to wear. We paired it with a deep whirlpool green and voila: the Thomas Boyd tartan scarf was born.


tartan scarf co planning session for the thomas boyd
By surprising all of the wedding guests with the scarves made in loving memory of Thomas Boyd, he was remembered and celebrated by all on Ross and Alex’s special day. 

For every Thomas Boyd scarf sold, we will donate £5 to Cruse Bereavement Care Scotland, who help support those who have experienced bereavement. 

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