We are reinventing the tartan scarf. We’re on a mission to create a sustainable and stylish product, steeped in tradition but reinvented for modern life. Our founder, Neil, had a vision of a tartan scarf with tartan on one side and a big, bold block colour on the other but wasn’t able to find that product...so he started designing it.

As a team, we love tartan scarves but we became tired of how generic they had become. You could walk down the street in Edinburgh and see 1000 tartan scarves, but you couldn’t remember a single one. We want to change this and create memorable tartan scarves.

After over a year of searching for our manufacturing partner, we’re now working with a mill in the Scottish Highlands with over 200 years’ experience and together we’ve developed designs and a weaving technique exclusive to the Tartan Scarf Co. Our signature double-sided designs use high quality lambswool – if it can keep Scottish sheep warm then it’ll keep you warm too.

We are friends who share a passion for Scotland and creating products that people love. We really hope you’ll join us on this journey…this is the beginning of something very exciting!

By buying a scarf from us

You’re supporting one of the most versatile textiles on the planet and supporting Scottish industry.


    We are committed to leaving as little mark on the planet as possible. Wool is 100% natural, sustainable and biodegradable and all our packaging is made from a combination of recycled or responsibly-sourced cardboard and paper.

    Campaign for wool

    We’re passionate about wool and are proud partners of The Campaign for Wool; a worldwide initiative in the wool industry with the common objective to grow the awareness of wool and support businesses using this amazing fabric. Since its launch in 2010, The Campaign for Wool has influenced a new demand for wool on an international scale. Check out our blog on the 10 reasons to choose wool to learn more.

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