In 2018, our founder Neil had a vision to create a Scottish product that celebrated our rich national heritage but was reinvented for modern life. Walking the streets of Edinburgh, he passed thousands of generic tartan scarves and thought they sorely needed a bit of personality so, of course, he decided to reinvent the Tartan Scarf.

Our concept is simple, take a traditional yet elegant tartan and pair it with a bold, head turning colour.

Tartan Scarf Company - Josh - Spicy Mackenzie

FYI, this is what happens when you blend heritage and style 🔥🧣


That's how our first design, The Spicy MacKenzie, was born... and what a result that was.

Tartan Scarf Company - Neil - The First Spicy Mackenzie
This is Neil 👆 happy as Larry with the first Spicy Mackenzie samples


After seeing the first prototypes, Blair joined the team in 2019 and got straight to work helping design our debut collection and eye catching labels.


Our Mission

🌍  Bring design led Scottish products to a world stage
📦 Always use sustainable materials and plastic free packaging
⛓ Understand our entire supply chain
🐑  Support the Campaign for Wool
🤝 Create a zero waste supply chain by donating all QA fails to charity


Our Products

After over a year of searching for our manufacturing partner, we’re now working with a mill in the Scottish Highlands with over 200 years experience.

Together we’ve developed designs and a weaving technique exclusive to the Tartan Scarf Co. Our signature double-sided designs use high quality lambswool – if it can keep Scottish sheep warm then it’ll keep you warm too.

By buying a scarf from us you’re supporting one of the most versatile textiles on the planet and supporting Scottish industry.


    We are committed to leaving as little mark on the planet as possible. Wool is 100% natural, sustainable and biodegradable and all our packaging is made from a combination of recycled or responsibly-sourced cardboard and paper.